Camp Notes: Bears Finally Add Edge Rusher, Lack of O-Line Depth Hurting Bears, Getsy Challenges Offense

The Bears’ lack of depth on the offensive line reared its ugly head this week. Nate Davis has missed practice all week, and now Teven Jenkins is hurt, too. With Cody Whitehair struggling at center, the defense has been beating up on the offense ever since the team went to full pads on Wednesday. A new addition to the defensive line isn’t going to make things any easier for a battered offensive line. Here are your training camp bullets for Thursday, August 3.

Five Things

  1. Veteran safety Eddie Jackson has been with the Bears since he was selected as a fourth-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. He’s considered a key figure and influential presence at Halas Hall. Jackson is tired of playing for a perennial loser. “I’m tired of the same old standard that the Bears have,” he said. “The same results in and out every year. We want to make it to the playoffs and eventually win a Super Bowl.” Chicago is in the second year of its rebuild. The team is much improved, but patience is still key.
  2. The Bears are in deep trouble if Jenkins and/or Davis miss any part of the regular season. Expect Poles to look for depth pieces as teams start to waive players. There’s bound to be offensive line help available with over one thousand players getting pink slips in the next five weeks.
  3. The offensive was way ahead of the defense until the pads came on, but the inverse is true now. It’s okay to be worried about Fields and company, but the Bears lost the bulk of their games last season because opponents could score at will. That’s not going to happen this year. Chicago needed a big improvement from its starting 11 to close the gap on its division rivals. Poles did a great job of overhauling that unit. The Bears have arguably the best linebackers and defensive backs in the division, if not the entire NFC.
  4. This year’s rookie class is better than last year’s. ESPN ranked all 32 rookie draft classes following the 2022 season, and it’s not a surprise to see the Bears land inside the top 10 at No. 8 overall.
  5. When everything is said and done I believe the Bears will end up in Arlington Heights, but I prefer they stay in Chicago.

Camp Quotes

  • “I think it starts, one, with the quarterback. He has to come into the huddle and bring confidence to the huddle. Understand that, just with him, Justin is a calm guy. He also has to understand that he is our leader and our guy. We go as far as he goes. He has to come in with that juice. And he does. He does come in, sometimes he’s just so locked in and so dialed into what he’s doing. But sometimes I’ll come up to him and just hit him in the back of the head or jump up to him and try to get him not so locked in so he understands, hey, we are looking at you to see how far we can go. This is his team. He understands he has to bring the juice every day.” – Mooney
  • “Justin [Fields] said it best the other day. We have a scheme that should take advantage of somebody in the middle of the field, but [Edmunds] is like seven feet tall, and [with his] wingspan, it’s not happening.” – Getsy
  • “I mean, goodness gracious. We had one play today where if it was any other linebacker in the country, I mean [the receiver] would have been open. [Edmunds] is so huge. He definitely covers ground well too. It’s been great for us as an offense to have him out there, to challenge us every day.” – Fields
  • “We’re excited about the season. We’ve improved our roster and we’ve improved continuity and we’re excited about that. We’re also excited about raising the level and raising the expectations. I think great teams have high expectations and they go chase that.” – Poles
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