Bears Insider

Bears Insider is a magazine-style blog that embodies the Chicago Bears and the Bears fan obsession. We wanted to create a blog about the Bears that expresses our fandom and gives other fans a place to gather, rejoice, mourn, and share experiences. Whether for fellow writers or readers, we hope to create a place that’s unique to Bears fans with an authentic and fun-spirited vibe.

You won’t find the usual aggregated, regurgitated info here on Bears Insider. Well, we might do that every once in a while, like after the holidays, when we’re just really hungover, or maybe the fact that we stole this line from our other blog.

What you will find is original material in the form of beat-style reports, analysis, features, draft coverage, game recaps, top-notch interviews, pop culture, and strong opinions.

The site is run by Jon Strong and Evan Altman, partners and co-owners of Cubs Insider. Strong and Altman also produce a show called The Rant Live, which covers Bears and Cubs news, that can be seen live on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, or listened to as a podcast through any number of podcast players.

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