Bears Offer Opportunities for Undrafted Free Agents

With the 2022 NFL Draft in the books, front offices now turn their attention to the undrafted free agent market. GM Ryan Poles started the NFL Draft with just six picks, but a flurry of Day Three trades increased that haul to 11 selections. Still, the Bears need to find a number of players to get their roster to 90 for training camp in July. This year more than ever, the Bears can offer real opportunities for undrafted free agents.

Poles wants his scouts to convey to this year’s pool of free agents that real opportunities exist and that just because they weren’t drafted doesn’t mean they can’t make this year’s team or practice squad.

“Competition. Come and compete. Opportunity. It’s a fresh set of eyes, both front office and coaching staff willing to develop everyone. There’s no bias, there’s no nothing.

“We’re just going to make sure that the best players are on the field, and that should mean a lot. But it is a crazy process. They’re up there scrambling right now and doing a really good job. This is probably the best process, the way we started this tonight after the draft, that I’ve been a part of. Very organized. Again, using technology to stay connected and linked up while being in different rooms so you don’t have the noise and people scrambling and screaming.

“It is a crazy time. But I will guarantee you there will be some guys from this undrafted free agent process that are going to develop and be good players.”

Wide receiver is still a position of need, and Chicago grabbed a few with real potential to help second-year quarterback Justin Fields after the draft ended. Chicago also signed five undrafted defensive backs.

UDFAs that have reportedly agreed to terms with the Bears:

  • WR Savon Scarver (Utah State) – Draft position rank: 46. A balanced, savvy route runner with top field awareness, setting up and selling routes beautifully. Has the strong hands any NFL wide receiver coach and quarterback would covet. Tracks the deep ball over either shoulder and brings in passes fluidly without breaking stride downfield.
  • WR Kevin Shaa (Liberty)
  • TE Jake Tonges (California)
  • LB Jack Sanborn (Wisconsin) – Draft position rank: 21. A  low-floor kind of player who has consistently played at an excellent level for the Badgers. He’s a traditional middle linebacker with outstanding instincts and a high football IQ as well as being a natural leader on the field.
  • S Amari Carter (Miami)
  • OT Jean Delance (Florida) – Draft position rank: 76. Anchors against larger defenders in the middle; resets hands well to maintain distance. Athletic enough to help on nose tackle then pick up a twist or late blitzer. Mirrors quick interior rushers. Looks to help the center when uncovered.
  • OLB Christian Albright (Ball State) – Draft position rank: 64. A big, aggressive hitter who can lay the wood. Has good awareness to quickly locate the ball, keeping his eyes up and on point.
  • WR Cyrus Holder (Duquense)
  • CB Derick Bush (Coastal Carolina)
  • WR Luke Little (University of Mary)
  • DL Micah Dew-Treadway (Minnesota)
  • OT Tristen Taylor (Eastern Washington) – Draft position rank: 125. Strong upper body, arms, and hands. Coordinated feet with the flexibility for offensive tackle. Hard worker. Has the length to recover when beaten but does lose balance when he doesn’t bend at his knees. Has a good anchor and hustles to stay alive.
  • LB C.J. Avery (Louisville)
  • S Jonathan Alexander (Charlotte)
  • LB Jaylen Alexander (Purdue)
  • WR Henry Litwin (Slippery Rock)
  • RB Master Teague III (Ohio State) – Draft position rank: 36. Well-built with a thick frame and powerful lower body which keeps his legs pumping through contact. Patient behind the line of scrimmage, allowing blocks to create openings, and looks for cutback lanes with accurate vision. Hits the hole hard and runs with power to get the tough yards with a physical attitude.
  • WR Landon Lenoir (Southern Illinois) – Draft position rank: 72 – He is quicker than fast and lacks elite wheels to simply blow by defenders, but he has good football speed. Often used on deep routes, getting separation down the sideline or over the middle on crossing routes by extending his arms rather than pure speed.
  • CB Jaylon Jones (Mississippi)
  • CB Allie Green (Missouri)
  • TE Chase Allen (Iowa State) – Draft position rank: 40. A highly competitive player who quickly gets to the perimeter, blocking well in space and at the second level. Height helps him snare high throws but he also adjusts to low ones. Plays hard and with awareness, and knows where the marker is. Runs with toughness and sheds tacklers in secondary.
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