Watch: Eberflus Looking for Physicality and Leverage

Head coach Matt Eberflus addressed the media on Monday at Halas Hall. He answered questions about the offense and talked about Justin Fields, who is still struggling with late throws. The head coach had the option of going to full pads but decided to wait until Tuesday.

“What we expect out of that is really you get to see guys play the game. So far you’ve seen pass rushers rush against offensive tackles who have no pads on. You’ve seen the run blocking with no pads on. It’s hard to evaluate that. When you get the pads on now, you can really see [that] guys will either rise or they’ll fall a little bit based on the pads. I’ve seen it every year. So we’re looking for that. We’re looking for guys that can play with leverage, play with the pads on, and the guys that are physical because we covet the guys that are physical, that want to play the style we want to play.” – Eberflus

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