Bears Fans Done With Sam Mustipher

The Bears had a rough first half against the Vikings, and Sam Mustipher is the worst among them. He snapped the ball early to Justin Fields on an audible and hasn’t blocked a lineman all game. If you wonder why Luke Hgetsy doesn’t run more slants or screens, it’s because Mustipher can’t block a lineman long enough for Fields to execute the play.

Last week against the New York Giants, Mustipher really struggled in pass protection, earning a pitiful 1.5 pass protection grade from Pro Football Focus. One point five. That’s not a misprint.

It was rumored that Lucas Patrick would take over at center today with rookie Ja’Tyre Carter getting the start at left guard, but that didn’t happen. Perhaps Matt Eberflus is too afraid to start two rookies on Fields’ blindside, but would Carter be any worse than Mustipher?

At any rate, Bears fans have come out en masse against the beleaguered offensive lineman. Frankly, I thought he should have been cut at halftime.

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