Roquan Smith is a Dominant Force on Nearly Every Single Play (Video)

Roquan Smith is a special talent and he’s proving it once again this season. He leads the Chicago Bears in tackles with 52, something he’s done for the last two seasons. That’s 16 more tackles than Danny Trevathan who is second on the Bears with 36 tackles.

Smith also leads the Bears’ defense in tackles for loss (7), is third in passes defended (which is pretty impressive given his position at inside linebacker), and has one forced fumble. To say he’s a presence in the middle for the Bears would be like saying the Grand Canyon is nice. Smith is a dominant force on nearly every single play.

Check out this breakdown by Tom Thayer of the Chicago Bears Network. Sure, Smith swarms to the ball with ease, but it’s the power and agility he uses on every down that really impresses me. He almost always stays in a good tackling position and is so strong it’s hard to avoid him once he’s got an opposing player in his grasp.


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